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Our State of the Art SEO tools and tips!

Free Traffic from Google and other search engines are what everyone wants. The key is consistent effort over time. We believe you now have the most advanced set of tools to keep up with how your website ranks and how you can improve that rank your self.  There are on-page and off-page suggestions. The more of them you implement the faster you will increase your rankings and the more traffic you will get.

All of our packages include your personalized weekly scan that shows where you stand and how your site is growing over time.


Standard SEO Reporting (monthly)


Designed for most small Businesses

  • Standard Features:
  • Reports and Ranking Suggestions generated EACH WEEK and Emailed to you
  • Keyword Tool
  • Pick the most profitable keywords for your site to optimize your pages for and spy on your competition.
  • Rank Checker Tool
  • Monitor website rankings for your targeted keywords on 370+ global and local search engines.
  • SEO Analysis Tool
  • Analyze on-the-page and off-the page SEO factors on your site and fine-tune your landing pages.
  • Technical Audit Tool
  • Detect and fix technical errors such as broken links, server issues, etc. that are likely costing you potential clients.
  • Backlink Quality Checker Tool
  • Make your site’s backlink profile clean and Penguin-proof and compare your link popularity with competitors.
  • Content Submission Tool
  • Submit your content to hundreds of local and niche sites, hand-picked by our staff.
  • Web Analytics Integration:
  • Integrate your Google Analytics data into Web CEO Reports. Compare your websites with their competition using Alexa data.
  • Social Analytics Tool
  • Empower your social media marketing by tracking and analyzing your online reputation.
  • Standard Limits
  • Number of keywords – 25
  • Number of search engines – 3
  • Search engine results pages scan depth – 5
  • Number of analyzed competitors – 5
  • Scheduled scans – once a week
  • Manual rescan – once a month
  • Number of queried backlinks – 1000
  • Number of competitor URLs – 3
  • Scheduled scans – once a week
  • Manual rescan – never
  • Number of queried backlinks for each competitor – 1000
  • Number of competitor domains – 3
  • Scheduled scans – once a month
  • Manual rescan – once a month

Custom (by request)


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  • All of the features of the basic packages PLUS
  • Custom Search and Research Limits
  • Generate ALL reports at will
  • Up to Hundreds of keywords Scanned